Q1 Resort Apartments, Common Areas & Recreational Facilities

  • Your apartment will be professionally cleaned and then sanitised after each stay, utilising a bacterial cleaning agent containing 2-Propanol (Isopropyl alcohol) which is a common ingredient in chemicals such as antiseptics and hospital grade disinfectants.
  • Your apartment is equipped with its own air conditioner unit with its own return air system and the air conditioner filter is sprayed with a Eucalyptus Oil based disinfectant spray and run for 11 minutes to disinfect the internal components of the unit after each stay.
  • The common areas are being cleaned every 3 hours from 5am to 11pm and again at 2am with an antimicrobial efficient disinfectant surface spray including all hard surfaces that may have human interaction such as door handles, frames and hand rails. Plus elevator call and floor level buttons and hand rails inside each carriage are being cleaned with the disinfectant surface spray every 2 hours.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer is avaliable throughout the property and disinfectant wipes available upon request at Reception.
  • Q1 Resort has 10 residential elevators designed to reduce any possibility of overcrowding and as above these elevators are being disinfected regularly. We also have a staff elevator so the staff are not compounding any possible overcrowding situation, all elevators also have 2 ceiling fans to ventilate the elevator carriage 24/7.
  • All our swimming pools and the spa water are managed by a self testing and self dosing Brauer Industries automated pool chemical dosing system with probes set to monitor any change to water quality, this enables the system to add acid and/or chlorine to the water 24/7. This system conducts a photo metric water test every 10 minutes, to measure the water quality resulting in very precise dosing and pristine water quality. Added to the system we have employed an expert to manually test and supervise the water quality daily before the pool facilities open to our guests.


COVID 19 A Word From The General Manager

As the COVID 19  situation evolves, the safety of our team members, our guests and residents is paramount. We’re working hard to do everything we can to be
prepared and address everyone associated with Q1 Resort & Spa’s concerns, including;

  • Increasing the rigor of cleaning and sanitising procedures throughout the Resort
  • Disinfecting common area surfaces more frequently
  • Making alcohol base hand sanitizers available to all Q1 staff plus located in the common area lobby and gymnasium for guests and residents use
  • Making alcohol base disinfectant wipes available upon request at the lobby desk

Q1 Management is working with local public health agencies, and our Q1 footprint partners, while also aligning with state, federal and global public health guidelines and recommendations.

Additionally, we will continue to review our policies and procedures with the aim of strengthening our COVID 19 response to further align with updated public health advice and guidelines, including that of the Australian Government Heath Department and World Health Organization (WHO). This includes promoting hand washing and healthy hygiene practices among our Q1 community of staff, guests and residents.

I also want to ensure you can book your Q1 Resort stay direct with my team with complete confidence. If your travel plans are impacted by the COVID 19 which
include a stay at Q1 Resort, that has been booked direct with my reservations team, I will credit your accommodation. That credit will be valid for one year, to be used for your next Q1 Resort stay.

If you have specific questions about COVID 19, I would recommend you visit the Queensland Health Website. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you at Q1 Resort & Spa soon.

Best Regards
John Wilder

Resort General Manager | Resident Caretaker
Q1 Resort & Spa



Q1 Management Holiday Apartments are in the process of migrating away from a WiFi group to an individual WiFi service for each apartment with a unique login and password for each apartment. Guests will then benefit from less traffic and an overall increase in speed and performance from the service.



Q1 Resort & Spa now offer free unlimited WiFi in all apartments with a 20MB connection. Your individual apartment wifi connection information will be located on the apartment fridge.

Guests can enjoy free WiFi access in the common areas of the Q1 Property including reception lobby and pool areas, if you are outside of your apartment use the _Q1HOTSPOT wifi and click free access.



Please find SkyPoint’s upcoming hours of operation and deck closure information at the below link.


Phone: (07) 5630 4500

Toll Free: 1300 792 008

International: +61 7 5630 4500