Welcome to the Q1 Resort & Spa policies and procedures page.

We are dedicated to delivering a 4.5 Star holiday experience to all our guests, please follow this page so you can be up to date with the Q1 Resort & Spa’s policies and procedures to ensure every guest has an award winning Q1 experience.


Q1 Resort & Spa wants all our guest to relax while they are on holiday. Q1 has a strict no party policy that is enforced 24hrs a day at the resort. All registered guests will be required to read and sign the Q1 No Party Policy before apartment keys can be issued. Please click the link below to view the resorts No Party Policy.

In order to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and to prevent any disappointment to you or other guests and/or residents of the building, please ensure you read and understand the policy and procedure concerning larger gatherings and/or parties being held in the apartments, the bringing of excessive amounts of alcohol onto the resort’s premises and any anti-social behaviour within the apartments including the recreational and pool areas. Access to your apartment will not be allowed until the No Party Policy form has been signed upon arrival.


No Parties on the premises

Q1 Resort & Spa has a zero tolerance policy on parties held in apartments. A party being defined as:

  • Any situation where the maximum number of guests allowed per apartment is unreasonably exceeded
  • Any situation where the noise from the apartment is deemed too high thereby disturbing other guests and/apartment residents.
  • Any situation whereby excessive traffic to/from the apartment is identified
  • Any situation where it is deemed that intoxication is occurring
  • Any situation where it is identified that excessive alcohol is present
  • In the event that the apartment/guest is identified as having a party, resort management and/or resort security reserves the right to immediately request all occupants of the apartment up to, and including, the guests who are registered in the apartment if deemed necessary, to vacate the premises immediately
  • In the event that an eviction does occur, the registered guests will be charged for that night’s accommodation and for any expense resulting from additional cleaning of the apartment, replacement for any furniture/fixture/fitting breakage, as well as for any required repairs
  • Closed Circuit TV cameras are in use around the resort and in the lifts and can be used as evidence in a court of law.

If a small but excessively noisy gathering occurs within the apartment, and not a party as defined above, resort management and/or resort security will request that any excessive noise is immediately stopped and issue a First [1st] Warning to the registered guests.

Should that request to reduce the noise levels not be adhered to, and resort management and/or resort security are required to return to the same apartment or another apartment associated with the guests who received the first warning, a Second [2nd] Final Warning will be issued along with an administrative fine of $110- per registered guest in the apartment up to but not exceeding $440-. The second and final warning and associated administrative fine must be immediately paid and adhered to. Otherwise an eviction of all guests present will be carried out by resort management and/or resort security. If noise levels or anti social behaviour remains after the second warning is issued an eviction will be carried out. If a first or second warning has been issued that warning remains in place and re-enforceable until the registered guests check out of the property.


Alcohol on the premises

Q1 Resort & Spa does not allow for excessive levels of alcohol to be brought on to the resort premises. Excessive amounts of alcohol being defined as:

  • Multiple cases/slabs/cartons of beer or cider
  • multiple bottles/cases of spirits/wine
  • In the event that a registered guest, or any persons associated with that guest, are identified as bringing excessive amounts of alcohol on the resort property that person will be requested to relinquish the alcohol to the resort. It will then be stored in safekeeping for their retrieval on departure, or alternatively for the alcohol to be permanently removed off the premises
  • If at any stage should a person be deemed in breach of this policy, and refuse to abide by the resort requests, that a person will be requested to leave the premises


Additional actions that would result in Immediate Eviction:

Q1 Resort & Spa reserves the right to immediately evict any guest, visitor or member of the public for the following reasons, but not limited to:

  • Any breach of the alcohol or no party policies as determined above
  • Intoxication and/or unsavoury/lewd behaviour including performances of sexually related entertainment, male or female, within apartments
  • The throwing of any objects/s from any of the apartment windows or balconies
  • Smoking in the apartment, balcony or on the property – $2000 fine applies
  • Spitting out of windows or balcony
  • Wilful damage to resort and/or resident property
  • Physical or verbal assault/abuse on the resort staff, other guests, apartment residents or members of the public on the resort premises
  • Any behaviour deemed as a potential safety threat to others
  • The possession of illicit drugs or firearms
  • Any incident for which the police are required to attend


Consequences of Eviction and QPS involvement:

In the event that any person requested to vacate the resort premises fails to adhere to this request, Qld Police Services [QPS] will be immediately called out which will also result in further action being taken against the person/s in question by resort management, resort security and/or the apartment owner.

In the event that an eviction of any nature occurs, the registered guest, their associates and visitors, are not entitled to any refund of rent, and will not be able to make future reservations at the Q1 Resort & Spa or and any other accommodation provider associated with Q1 Resort & Spa.


The Q1 tower is a strictly non smoking building including Q1 Resort & Spa apartments, balconies, car parks, fire escapes and resort common areas.

  • Smoking in rooms is strictly prohibited including balcony areas. Any person found doing so will be immediately fined $2000. Failure to pay will result in immediate eviction. A second occurrence will also result in an immediate eviction. 
  • This applies to cigarettes, vapes and Illicit drugs.
  • Should a room be deemed unusable after you have vacated due to smoking you will be liable for any lost revenue incurred (charge of 1 room night at sellable rate each night the room is unusable)
  • Registered guests may be charged for additional cleaning and damage charges resulting from smoking.

There are designated smoking areas on the Q1 Property, please ask the Q1 Reception for directions.



Secure car parking is offered at Q1 Resort & Spa as part of your accommodation, all vehicles need to be registered with our front desk team upon arrival. You will receive a car park access swipe card and parking permit that needs to be clearly displayed on the dash of your vehicle at all times.

  • One Bedroom Apartment = 1 Car Space
  • Two Bedroom Apartment = 1 Car Spaces
  • Three Bedroom Apartment = 2 Car Spaces
  • Four Bedroom Apartments = 3 Car Spaces
  • Four Bedroom Penthouses = 3 Car Spaces
  • Presidential Penthouse = 3 Car Spaces.

All undercover car parking has a strict height restriction of 2.2m. Any damage caused by vehicles damaging car parking gates, plumbing systems, electrical systems, fire sprinkler systems, cable management racks or the sorts of will be fined for the total cost of repairs. Q1 Resort will not be liable for damages done to vehicles in and around the car parking areas including the main car parking gate.

Q1 Resort & Spa will not be responsible for damage or theft of vehicles, trailers, bikes or belongings from any parking areas in and around the Q1 Property. Parking your vehicle is at your own risk.

Any vehicles found parked illegally either on a Q1 Resort & Spa orange spot hotel parking spaces OR private residential car spaces will be towed at owners expense and with no prior warnings, this includes vehicles parked in non designated car spaces.

Please note the 5 minute residential car spaces directly outside the front of the Q1 Reception is for short term 5 min parking only and is for guests arriving and departing from the Q1 and are requiring to pick up or drop off guests or resort keys. These parks are strictly 5 min parking only. Vehicles will be towed at the owners expense with no prior warning if vehicles are left parked longer than 5 minutes. This area is NOT to be used for supplier deliveries or pickups, or used as a tour bus drop off zone.



The card used for the balance payment and pre-authorisation must be presented on check-in by the cardholder.

A pre-authorisation is required to be held on a Credit/Debit card which matches the same name of the reservation for security. Additional charges may apply for damages or if extra cleaning is required.

Q1 Resort & Spa requires a credit card pre-authorisation upon check in. The amounts are as follows:

  • AUD $300 credit card pre-authorisation for 1 bedroom and 1 bedroom family apartments
  • AUD $300 credit card pre-authorisation for 2 bedroom apartments
  • AUD $500 credit card pre-authorisation for 3 bedroom apartments
  • AUD $500 credit card pre-authorisation for 4 bedroom apartments
  • AUD $500 credit card pre-authorisation for 4 bedroom penthouses
  • AUD $1000 credit card pre-authorisation for  3 bedroom celebrity spa suite
  • AUD $2000 credit card pre-authorisation for presidential penthouse

Please note these funds will be released after a satisfactory check of the apartment, however it may take up to (5-7) business days for your funds to be made available to you in your account.


What Does Pre Authorization Mean?

In the world of electronic payment processing, a credit card pre-authorization refers to the process of placing what is effectively a holding charge on a guest’s credit card. The issuing bank checks to ensure that the customer’s payment can go through and there are sufficient funds available to cover the requested amount, without actually debiting the cardholder’s account right there and then.


What Are Pre-Auths For?

There are a number of common use case scenarios for pre authorizing payments via credit card, particularly within the travel sector. For instance, accommodation companies normally require that a customer commits to paying for any damages they might cause during the period of their rental by putting down a security deposit. This security deposit is usually claimed via a pre-auth charge, holding the authorization amount for the company to deduct any funds to cover damages (or fines) upon return of the apartment keys.


How Long Do Pre-Authorizations Last?

Typically, a pre-auth will be set to expire after five days after departure if no further action is taken by the merchant.

If you have any further enquiries please contact us 07 5630 4500 or email res@q1.com.au



Visitor car parking is available at the Q1 Tower strictly between the hours of 7:00am and 11:00pm, overnight visitor parking is NOT available, please see below if the visitor car parking applies to you.

Visitor parking is available:

Visitor car parking is available for 2 hours only, if you are planning to stay longer than 2 hrs please see Q1 Reception for a longer term visitor parking pass that must be displayed on your vehicle.

Any persons seen parking in the Q1 visitor car park and departing directly off the Q1 Property is at risk of having their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.



Q1 Resort & Spa boasts some of the best resort pools on the gold coast, please ensure you and your friends and family all abide by the Q1 Resort & Spa Pool rules to ensure every guest gets a Q1 award winning experience.

  • Pool area is open from 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • Indoor lap pool is designated for exercise only between 6am and 10am daily
  • No Lifeguard on duty – pools are not supervised
  • Children under the age of 15 must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult exercising effective control
  • No running, diving, bombing or horseplay allowed
  • No ball games or boards are allowed in the pools
  • No glass or alcohol allowed in this area
  • No bikes, skate boards, roller blades or scooters
  • No Smoking
  • All children must be supervised by an adult
  • Pool depths are from 0.9 to 1.5 meters

Please note the indoor heated lap pool is heated to 28 degrees and primarily used for exercising and swimming pool laps. Please be courteous of guests swimming laps.



Please note the indoor spa can be used by any guest. Any guests found restricting other guests from using the heated indoor spa or any other guest facilities will be issued a warning. Q1 Resort & Spa will not be liable if belongings are damaged in and around the Q1 spa, indoor OR outdoor swimming areas.

  • High levels of chemicals exist in the spa
  • Chemicals may affect colour of clothing
  • Chemicals may affect colour of hair



Q1 Resort & Spa offer guests and residents access to a fully equipped gymnasium. Please follow the house rules when using the Gym, Steam and Sauna rooms to ensure you and other guests stay safe.

  • Operating hours are from 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the gym under any circumstances
  • Gymnasium is not supervised, exercise at your own risk
  • Shoes and exercise clothing must be worn at all times
  • Equipment must be wiped down after use
  • Do not over exercise, discontinue at the first sign of stress or discomfort
  • Do not use gym if intoxicated, affected by substances or suffering any medical conditions that may worsen or affect the health of others or yourself
  • Keep walkways between gym equipment clear of obstruction at all times
  • No running or horseplay permitted in the gymnasium
  • Use equipment only as directed by posted manufacturer’s instructions
  • Report any faulty equipment and do not use same
  • Improper use of this equipment can result in injury

If you have seen any persons breaking any of the Q1 Resort & Spa Policy and procedures, vandalising Q1 property, bullying or any actions deemed to be inappropriate please report the incident to the Q1 Resort & Spa Duty manager, who can be contacted at the Q1 Resort & Spa front reception desk.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation.